Prototypes are GO!!!

sorry for the strange Thunderbirds reference, it just popped in there. Well, we gave our presentations for game prototypes last week, and it all went very well. We had lots of awesome concept art to show off, a nicely polished game design and backstory, and a brief game prototype demonstrating some of the gameplay. We

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Recent busy-ness

Hey all, as seems to keep on happening, the silent gaps in this blog are normally caused by lots of stuff happening, keeping me busy. We’ve recently started our final group projects at school, making a game from initial concept pitch to completed game. I started off giving a 1-minute pitch on what seemed then

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Website Update

Hey all, Well, I’ve added a bit more info here on past and current projects, and added some extra info (Twitter account, Xbox and PSN Gamer ID pictures). Had a couple of issues with the website builder here, but after a bit of playing (deleting the changes, then doing the same stuff over again) it

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