Rough Science

A hands-on, interactive digital learning environment for Australian Curriculum Year 5 & 6 Science topics.

App Description

Presented by well known science educator, Sean M Elliott, Rough Science is a digital learning environment that explores three exciting Australian Curriculum Year 5 & 6 science topics:

  • Layers of the Earth
  • Solid, Liquid & Gas
  • Adaptation & Evolution

Each unit is comprised of a short video and a creative challenge. The App is accompanied by a free Rough Science Teacher Handbook, available from the iTunes store.

Client Project

This project was created from scratch, based on discussions of the initial idea with the client. The client team created all video assets for the project, and visual designs and image assets were provided by Mark Gilliland (http://vscreative I developed the systems for video playback, gesture navigation, image capture and annotation, text entry, and creation of the final PDF report after students complete the activities.

The client for this project was DEEPER RICHER (http://deeperricher