Air Nav VFR (by Sentient Software)

AirNav VFR uses the current Airservices Australia maps to bring you the best moving map and flight planner combination in Australia.

Air Nav VFR

Descriptions below quoted from the Sentient Software website, and iTunes App Descriptions.

Air Nav VFR is a fully-featured flight planning package for civil and commercial pilots. Developed by Sentient Software (http://sentientsoftware, it is the fast, easy and legal way to do flight planning on the official Airservices Australia charts.

Point and click to enter your route. AirNav will insert NAIPS winds, calculate all your headings, fuel and times and then print out all the documents you want or need. (You can print all your maps on A4 or any size at any scale)

App Description

AirNav VFR is the only flight planner that allows you to point-and-click on the official Airservices Australia maps to plan flights.

  • AirNav VFR is the ultimate Australian PC flight planner for both VFR and IFR pilots
  • Plan your flights on digitised versions of the official Airservices maps
  • AirNav VFR calculates all your flight plan details
  • Prints your plan details including all radio frequencies automatically generated.
  • Load your AirNav route into your GPS or activate AirNav’s optional GPS in-flight Moving map feature.

Client Project

I was employed by Sentient Software on a part-time basis in 2013, and developed and released a number of updates for their existing iOS app (iPhone and iPad). The app was established and at v2.2 when I was hired, and from then I was the sole developer, tasked with adding new features including inflight re-planning, and additional plan information display and interactivity. The iOS app is written in native Objective-C, and additional work was also required for the PC software (C++) and server code (PHP, SQL) to support these new features. Full details for all work completed are listed below.

As a summary, my work included the following:

App Updates

During my employment with Sentient Software, I completed and submitted the following updates (descriptions quoted from App Store):

Version 2.3 (Posted May 29, 2013)

Version 2.4 (Posted Jun 28, 2013)

Version 2.5 (Posted Sep 17, 2013)

Version 2.6 (Posted Nov 13, 2013)

Version 2.7 (Posted Jan 19, 2014)

Version 2.8 (Posted Apr 22, 2014)

Version 2.9 (Posted Sep 8, 2014)

Version 2.91 (Posted Apr 23, 2015)