Carmina Avium (Bird Song) Pro

Create and listen to generative audio ambiences.

App Description

Relax, Focus, Escape

The world is a noisy, distracting place. Regain your focus and sense of calm by creating a natural, positive soundscape, powered by birdsong.

Scientific research has shown that humans have a natural response to the sound of birds. When birds are singing, you are reassured that there are no predators nearby. Your thoughts can be calm and focussed. Relaxation, work focus and creative thinking are all enhanced by the sounds of birds singing.

Using a process called generative audio, Carmina Avium creates natural and customised ambient environments. This process builds your personal ambience in real-time. Just like in the forest, the birds in Carmina Avium never sing the same song twice.

Choose from two dozen species of birds and add your favourite natural sounds of rain or water, creating an ambience to suit your ideal environment. Alternatively select from ten premade ambiences for immediate immersion. Set the timer for however long you want, the ambience can keep playing as you explore other apps or when your device sleeps. Save an unlimited number of your personalized ambiences for later use.


  • Innovative generative audio process that provides a unique experience every time
  • Create your own customised ambience by selecting the birds and sounds you want
  • Tune each sound within your ambience for fine control and customisation
  • Two dozen species of birds and five natural elements to combine as you like
  • Ten premade ambiences for an instant experience
  • Save your personalized ambiences direct to your device
  • Timer function allows you to keep track of time
  • Pro Version: This version of “Carmina Avium” has all features unlocked. These same features can be unlocked (for the same cost) in the free app, via In App Purchase.

Planned updates

We are already working towards the next evolution of Carmina Avium. Future planned features include:

  • Sharing your saved ambiences with friends by both Bluetooth and online
  • More bird species and natural elements
  • More premade ambiences
  • Even more beautiful artwork

Client Project

This project was created from scratch, based on discussions of the initial idea with the client. This app was developed in partnership with the client, and has grown to include many additional features. We’re very proud of the quality, and excited to be planning many more features already.

The client for this project was Sound Librarian Pty. Ltd. (http://www NULL.stephanschutze This project was developed in partnership, with both parties suggesting features and improvements.

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