A satirical web audio adventure.

A satirical web audio adventure where you travel across the web with characters who face ridiculous obstacles to being themselves.

What is a “web audio adventure”?

We’ve created this new way to experience the web. Most of us listen to music while surfing the web, or even podcasts. What we’ve done is create a unique audio experience that combines the rich imagination that radio drama affords, with active web navigation.

You’re familiar with audio tours of museums? Imagine an audio tour of museum where you are being guided around the location by a narrator who takes you to all the key exhibits in a compelling way. Or maybe you’ve done a street audio game, where you’ve been guided to do actions in the streets? We’re taking these design principles and applying them to the web. So you go on an audio tour of the web.

The “AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS” adventure involves characters taking you on a journey across to the web to their fictional websites.

What is the story and world?

“AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS” is a comedy drama, where you travel with an autopsy Pathologist who has a hidden life of as a philosopher. When she is outed as a philosopher, the Reality Infringement Council comes bearing down on her, threatening her livelihood. But the appearance of a client mourning his late wife, and an eager-to-help part-time Time Travelling Assistant, presents a choice: will she be herself? Will she be both a Pathologist and a Philosopher despite the worlds denying each other? The Pathologist decides to take on a bet to find the meaning of death, and in doing so attracts the wrath of Ticket Officers, her Gambling Philosopher Ex, Artist Assassins, and a Quantum Theorist Crime Boss. She finds it’s dangerously unpopular to be AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS.

There are three 20+ minute episodes which involve moving through the 10+ websites, with optional playful missions, and further activities outside of the main audio experience.

Award Nominated

AiAC was shortlisted for the Best Writing in a Game category of the Freeplay Independent Gaming Awards (http://www NULL.freeplay

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