School's Back...

… and I can’t believe how much I’ve been looking forward to going back to school! Quite unheard of, but then again I guess it’s a sign I’m enjoying it. My mum’s still giving me serves about actually handing in assignments on time!

Anyways, been back for a week now, second week starts in about 9 hours. Class size is much bigger, which will be an adjustment, but we did get spoilt last year with one teacher for a class of 8 (or more specifically, the 4 of us that regularly turned up). We’re also getting straight into the nitty gritty of it all, and learning the Gamebryo game engine (which you may remember from such games as Fallout 3, Oblivion, Warhammer Online and Bloodbowl). Been looking at it over the weekend, and I think the learning curve will be a bit steeper than I was expecting after playing with the Unity3D and OGRE engines, but hopefully that will improve tomorrow once they start teaching it to us proper.

Speaking of Unity, been playing around a bit more with it this weekend as well, porting my C# FMOD scripts to it… well, I will do after I learn a bit more of the Unity 2D-GUI stuff so I can actually do some decent input/output with it. We’re hoping to have Cosmos in a playable version released in the coming weeks, so need to get cracking on that one. If the weather would cool down, it would make it much easier to concentrate.

Speaking of Cosmos (I’m doing a lot of speaking for a blog post – oh, the irony), we’ve got a splash page up for our team at Moving Target Games (http://www NULL.movingtargetgames, with a mailing list to subscribe to, and our twitter feed. More to come on that later.

On other topics, I’ve been playing lots more infamous lately, really getting into it. I’m about halfway through the second island now. I’ve got a fair collection of games still not completed, and between that and the sparse amount of spare time I’m expecting to have between studies this year, I probly won’t get a chance to buy many (if any) of the awesome games already on the lineup for this year. I’ll have to make up for it once it’s all over.

It’s late, and I’d better wrap this up. Catch you all later,

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