Belated update

Hey all,

Well, it’s been a while since my last update, mostly because a lot’s been happening lately. I’ll try and summarise the main details briefly, and update further in other posts.

Firstly, I finished and graduated from my programming course, and am very happy with how everything turned out. Our major game project (based on my game idea) was successful, and we presented the game to industry and at the graduation. You can see a gameplay trailer at the Degradation page. I’ve updated the other pages to reflect recent changes in my school projects.

Secondly, you’ll notice that the site looks a little different. This one has had me tied up for a bit. I was hoping to learn some proper web development, and make all my own pages, however it was taking time to learn, and I was getting frustrated that that was time I couldn’t be working on my own game projects. Having had some experience using wordpress with IGDA Melbourne recently (more on that soon), I decided that WordPress would be a good way to present the site, have the blog, and also be able to make project pages, also incorporating YouTube clips and pictures without too much extra work. I’m keen to get back into web dev at some point, but this is a great way to be able to tell everyone everything, without too much overhead.

Going back to the IGDA comment, I’ve also joined the committee for IGDA Melbourne (http://igdamelbourne I’m also putting in lots of time at the moment planning the Melbourne site for the Global Game Jam 2011. It’s lots of fun, and looking to be a great event. 🙂

As far as my current plans post-graduation, I’m experimenting with some iOS development with Unity3D. I’m still getting used to the iOS/Mac side of things, but getting the hang of it all. I’m working on an iPhone game with a melbourne-based partner which is progressing well, and also investigating my own game ideas, and looking at ways to incorporate my previous audio analysis work with FMOD to that platform.

Moving Target Games-wise, I’m still working with them on some projects. Main concentration is further refinement of the Audio Analysis systems, and also working on a few of my own game designs, currently fleshing out the designs to hopefully become future MTG projects.

Anyways, I want to leave it there, or I’ll just waffle on as I usually do. I’ll leave further specifics to later blog posts.

Cheers all,

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