Website Update

Hey all,

Well, I’ve added a bit more info here on past and current projects, and added some extra info (Twitter account, Xbox and PSN Gamer ID pictures). Had a couple of issues with the website builder here, but after a bit of playing (deleting the changes, then doing the same stuff over again) it managed to work, so all good. Man, I need to work out how to use DreamWeaver so I can make something a bit better looking, I know the layout’s boring as hell.

I’ve added just info on previous projects, and downloads will be available once I’ve got them built and zipped. Got a couple more ideas for things I want to play with, which is kinda dangerous. As such, this arvo is dedicated to more DirectX (school holiday work in prep for next year). See if I can get that out of the way, and it’s another box ticked.

Well, this one’s going to be brief, as I’ve already procrastinated enough today :-)

Catch y’all later,

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