Wow, scary...

I did one of the saddest, geekiest things a person can do last night – I googled my own name. And the scary thing is, this website and my twitter feed came up in the 2nd and 3rd top entries. A search today from work showed me as 3rd and 4th (I wasn’t sure how much its affected by what sites you visit from that location).

Either way, it’s a sign I really need to get cracking on updating, and putting stuff here so that it’s an interesting place to visit.

In other news, we got our NAS system set up at home, which is a big relief. Took a fair bit longer than I thought to get everything over there, and there’s still some cleaning up to do, but it’s great to have it set up. Also been playing around with Unity3D last couple of days, and finally starting to get to grips with how it works. Next step is to port my C# Audio Analysis code for MovingTargetGames into Unity so I can start adding it to the game.

Also went to the Big Day out on Tuesday, which also happened to be Australia Day. Lots of fun, lots of sunshine, a little bit of sunburn, and the usual overly expensive (and crap) beers. Music was fantastic though, and the atmosphere was also really great. Been ages since my last BDO (1999 in fact), and I may have stacked on a few years since then, but was lots of fun.

Also, school starts on Monday, which I am very excited about. Surprising, as I don’t remember ever being so excited to see the end of a school holiday. Can’t wait to get stuck into this year though, get my hands dirty and see what happens.

Cheers all,

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