Work and other distractions

Hey all,

Just to keep the updates coming regularly, even though there’s not much to be said in this one. I’ve done blogs before, and end up making a few very large posts, then giving up and abandoning it. I’m hoping to keep this one going in smaller chunks.

Anyhoo, Xmas and New Years were good and relaxed, had some quiet stuff with the family for Xmas, and a few friends over for BBQ and brewskies for New Years (followed by some late night impromptu Guitar Hero).

Anyways, work’s back now, so kinda taking my time away from indie stuff and prepping for school. I’m working full time, but on a contractual (casual) basis, so I might take a couple of days off to get some indie work done, and make up for it once school’s back on. I’ll still be working part time once school’s back, so won’t be a problem making up the time then. Energy levels just keep dropping by the time i get home, so leaves not a lot of inspiration for dev and stuff.

Mind you, there’s always time for gaming! Started up on Mass Effect again. I’m on the first planet of the three you can choose from once you get control of the Normandy, and am up to the boss fight for that, playtime is about 6 hours. Enjoying it again muchly, though I was worried I might need to go a bit earlier to remember where I was, but it’s pretty good, even though there are things I’ve forgotten. Oh well, I’ll pick it up as I go i guess.

The other main distraction over the hols has been spring-cleaning of all our PC’s. We’ve ended up with multiple copies of documents, emails and other files spread out across all of our PC’s, and I’ve ended up spending a lot of time trying to clean them all up and put them into one place and get rid of the redundant copies. Unfortunately it’s very draining and takes a fair while to do, but I’m getting there. Went shopping online and bought a NAS system, which should arrive in a couple of weeks. I’ve bought some drives for it, so will be all ready to go when it gets here. It also doubles as a media server for watching videos on the consoles, itunes server so the missus and I don’t end up having two copies of the same iTunes library on two different PC’s, etc.

It’s good to have some of the cleaning done, even if only as it’s one less distraction to let me get back into my indie stuff. One of the things I’ve got multiple copies of, is my schoolwork and other misc game/programming projects. Need to set up an SVN server on the NAS to keep track of all that.

Damn, this post ended up being longer than I thought it would be. If you hadn’t already caught on, I waffle on a lot.

’til next time, catchya later,

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