Recent busy-ness

Hey all,

as seems to keep on happening, the silent gaps in this blog are normally caused by lots of stuff happening, keeping me busy.

We’ve recently started our final group projects at school, making a game from initial concept pitch to completed game. I started off giving a 1-minute pitch on what seemed then to be a rather general game idea, but enough people were interested in it that it made it through to the next round, and after chatting with a bunch of students on what they thought of it, and what could be done to improve it, I wrote up a detailed game pitch document, which was selected from the final group to be made into a full game! It’s one of four game projects being done.

“Degradation – Coming soon to a PC near you!” (well, probly your own PC, and there may be a title change, I’m still refining the game design)

I’m stoked that my idea was chosen, and I”m very flattered by the number of students that are excited about working on it. We’ve got a great team of programmers and artists, and we even have an artist from the screen class, who will be working on animations and cutscenes for us as his final animation project, which is fantastic! :-) I’m now re-learning my project management skills (I lead a group project in final year uni, but that was a while ago), it’s all very exciting and I want to make sure we get to make the most of the situation.

The detailed pitch document can be viewed here.

We’ve got just over four weeks to make an initial game concept, with two of those weeks being school holidays. We’re doing all the initial planning at the moment, finalising game design choices, and starting up on a structure to get everything organised. We’ve got a couple of extra systems set up already to help people keep in touch online over the break, and between classes, which has already been a great help. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes :-)


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