Internet's back...

well, it is for me at least, I’m sure it never went anywhere for you guys. Finally got the internet connected at home, so don’t need to rely on tethering the PC to my mobile and always worrying about download limits.

Anyways, what’s happening. School’s been pretty busy lately, assignments are starting to build up. Work’s been much busier than normal, which is great for the money, but also adding to schoolwork building up. The GameJam with Moving Target Games has been going well (technically it finished 14 minutes ago as I type this), however it’s been very hectic trying to learn all of Unreal Development Kit in order to make a small game. It’s a great toolset, but a bit overkill for projects like this. We’ve picked up some extra skills in familiarising ourselves with it, and also learned a bit more working on a different style of project, but will also be good to get back to our regular projects with MTG.

I’m cooking up plans for updating this website, and making it a bit more easy on the eyes… I know I’ve said that before, I still need to learn me some Dreamweaver to properly progress on that. Also got some extra content to add here as well. I also just signed up for LinkedIn earlier tonight, and probly ended up spamming everyone on my contact list with friend-requests (or whatever you call the LinkenIn equivalent), so if you got an annoying email like that from me – sorry. Also need to put final touches on Business cards so I can start putting them out.

I know posts have been very infrequent during the internet outage, and I’m probably repeating a lot of stuff I’ve already said in the last couple of posts – apologies for that. Prepare to be returned to normality in 3… 2… 1…


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