I miss the internet...

Hey all,

unfortunately, since moving house just over a month ago, we’re still waiting to have our internet connected, so I’m reduced to sporadic access at school and work, which is limiting in what I can do for school and indie project for the moment. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next week, but it may take a bit longer.

GameJam is progressing, and we’ve got a few more members added to join the frivolity, but in retrospect it’s taken the majority of our time so far just to learn aspects of the engine (Unreal Development Kit), and we still have much of the actual game development part of it still to come. Hopefully between all the discussions today and tonight, we’ll have a bunch of stuff decided so we can progress all the design choices and get stuck into the nitty gritty of it. Funny how we always end up in a mad rush at the end! :-)

I’ve been looking at building up some of my projects from last year into download-able executables, which are almost all done and will be put up soon. Again, this is hampered by how much I can do at school in between actual schoolwork…

Anyway, more to come later on, and it will be much easier once I’ve been re-connected at home, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed :-)


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