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Hey everyone,

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks since we got back from our trip. We’ve had lots to organise and plan, both with personal stuff and work stuff. In amongst all of that though, I was recently asked to talk (or mutter inanely as the case may be) on the Drop Bear Gaming podcast, which you can check out here:


It was lots of fun being on the show, nattering away about my previous career as an Aerospace Engineer (Rocket Scientist), making the choice to go back to school to learn game programming, and my current work as an independent game programmer, and my work with (Moving Target Games (http://www NULL.movingtargetgames NULL.com). Lucas and Susie were great hosts, and lots of fun to chat to, and they did well to put up with my ramblings for my first podcast. If you haven’t heard Drop Bear Gaming, you should check them out, and you can subscribe to them on iTunes.

As far as the other stuff that’s been going on lately, I’ve been doing a bit of work on some independent iOS projects (which I can’t talk about yet, but will announce later when I can), other work to pay the bills, and also catching up with the boys for some 40k games. I also received a nice shiny iPad 2, which is very exciting (and I’m writing this on it actually). This is my first iPad, and I’ve got a few game/app ideas to try out for this, so I’ll keep you posted on how those go as well.

Anyways, I’ll do another update shortly to go into more details, but mainly wanted to announce the podcast, as it was just released today. 🙂


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