IGDA Melbourne Global Game Jam 2011 - Level 3 TV coverage

Hey everyone,

Well, I stumbled on some streaming links for ‘Level 3’s TV coverage of our recent Global Game Jam event, run by IGDA Melbourne last January. There are two segments, and the links for the episodes are below.

Part 1: Episode 210 is HERE (http://blip NULL.tv/file/4798223). GGJ stuff is from around 10:00.

Part 2: Episode 211 is HERE (http://blip NULL.tv/file/4836779). GGJ stuff starts from around 10:20.

It was lots of fun putting together the GGJ event, and we’re stoked that there was so much interest in the event, and that all the jammers were so enthusiastic about it. We can’t wait to see what comes out of the GGJ next year – it’s amazing what all the teams were able to put together in just a single weekend.



EDIT: Level 3 have made a special “Game Jam” feature episode, containing all the GGJ footage from both of the above videos. You can check it out here (http://blip NULL.tv/file/4875103).

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