Game Developer Conference - GDC 2011

Hey everyone,

Posts have been a bit quiet, seeing as since the hectic preparations for Global Game Jam, I had just a couple of weeks of quiet before heading off on a trip to the USA. In that time, I was hoping to make progress on some personal project, some Moving Target Games stuff, have a few meetings on some freelance projects and other related stuff, but it was still a very busy couple of weeks, so some of that will happen when we get back (oh well).

So I’m sitting here typing away late at night after day one of the Main proceedings of GDC 2011 (Wednesday). I’ve got a main conference pass, so will be here until Friday, chatting with developers and learning lots of cool stuff in the sessions. This is just such an amazing atmosphere here, with so many people from so many different backgrounds and levels of experience, but more than anything, GDC has shown me just how ‘green’ I am, having just graduated, and there’s so much yet to learn. This was one of the things that drew me to Game Dev in the first place after leaving Engineering, in that it’s such a technical field, and one where people never stop learning or wanting to learn.

Anyway, I’ll post more here later on (I’m tired) but wanted to make a quick post. I’m hoping to head around to lots of the developers booths tomorrow to say hello and introduce myself, so this post is mainly to provide some handy links to them so they can find some important info on me without having to hunt around the site too much. Here you go:

My Resume. (http://www NULL.craigpeebles NULL.pdf)

LinkedIn. (http://au NULL.linkedin

Twitter. (http://twitter

You can find more info on myself and my portfolio here, but this is just so there’s a quick list so you don’t need to hunt to find the important info. If I’ve found you and given you my card, I’ll be in touch regardless shortly, but it may be once I return to Australia, depending on availability of local Wifi in hotels, etc.



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