Cosmos Updates

Well, most recent event for Cosmos Concerto was a presentation I gave on the development of the game, and our experiences in developing it, at last Tuesday’s meeting of the Melbourne Chapter of the Independent Game Developer’s Association (http://igdamelbourne The night was lots of fun, and the presentation was well received, with people coming up afterwards very interested in the technical aspects of the game. It was also good to get a bit more visibility for the group, and the website, etc. Will be continuing to plug it at future events. There’s a lot of interest recently in independent development, which is always good.

Been working a lot lately on porting the Audio analysis code to Unity. All going well so far, just a few more aspects to go to transfer the analysis data into the game mode, and tweak some integration issues as they come up (which I expect they will). We’ve set a deadline to get the last bits of the game all together and polished, then we’ll be releasing a demo in two weeks time. It’s been a long time coming, and lots of development from the whole team, so will be great to have something out there to show people.

We’ll probably take a short break from Cosmos after that, pursue some smaller projects over a timeline of around a month, just to exercise ourselves a bit. There’s a lot more that we want to put into Cosmos though, so there will be further updates and developments coming.

Anyways, keep tuned for more info (http://www NULL.movingtargetgames


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