DirectX and Windows...

Hmm… didn’t end up getting as much done tonight as I would have hoped… Drake’s Fortune 2 got in the way. Great game, lots of fun. Getting into some really exciting bits. I’ve heard fantastic things about the train chase scene – haven’t got there yet, but can’t wait.

Started up on DirectX, expanding on an example app from school, just to create the extra vertices and faces to fill in the rest of a rotating cube that originally just has one triangle on it. That part of it was fairly logical and easily done, but I’m still a fair bit away from understanding all the generic windows handling code that comes with the rest of it, and therefore fully understanding all the manager objects in the app, so I can then properly alter them and create my own later on for later projects. DirectX looks to be pretty logical with handling mesh objects, so am looking forward to making an importer so I can import my own models from 3DS max and the like. I don’t know yet how it compares to OpenGL, I was going to make a quick ASE importer for OpenGL but got side-tracked by other projects so never got it finalised. As always, need to prioritise :-)

Anyways, I’ve been reading through a book I’ve got on DirectX programming, which is giving me a better handle on all of the windows management functions, message handling, etc. But, given it’s after 1am, and I’ve got a Cosmos meeting tomorrow morning, I should really get to sleep.

Also, website related: I’ve got some more stuff in progress giving details on current and future projects. I’ll publish it all when I finish writing it. I can get overly verbose with a lot of things, so I’ll try not to be too fluffy with it. Another thing on my rather large list of cool-things-to-try is making some cool flash animations for some of the simple games I’ve made to make up some banner links. But for now, the priority is very much simple text explanations, all eye-candy is flagged for later (unless I get bored and want to play).

Cheers all,

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